The Art of Stonecrafting

Burlington Marble & Granite’s Burlington-based factory offers a large inventory of the finest stone from around the globe. We also offer an extensive range of natural materials though our alliances with the Northeast’s largest stone slab suppliers, including IGM/International Granite and Marble Corp. and Marble and Granite Inc., among others. We also offer engineered quartzstone material manufactured by CaesarStone USA.

Our Process

At Burlington Marble & Granite, we practice the Art of Stonecrafting using an industry-accepted combination of tools and processes. Here is a brief overview of our stonecrafting process.

our stone cutting process


Burlington Marble & Granite quotes your project based on your initial selection of stone material, your drawings, or a visit to your home or job site, along with other project requirements.

The following information is required for all stone countertop estimates:

Layout drawing of countertop surface, or visit to your home/job site
Edge profile selection
Sink and fixture specifications
Any custom requirements



Once a customer has selected a material and the estimate is accepted, a representative from Burlington Marble & Granite will visit the home or job site to create a project template.

The template is made using a highly accurate laser templator. This process creates a “duplicate” of the surface configuration, which reproduces angles and radii and shows the sink and other fixture locations. During the template process, notations about edge profiles, backsplashes, and/or other job requirements are recorded.

During the template phase of the process, Burlington Marble & Granite may ask the designer, homeowner, or builder to make the sink and fixtures available. This is to ensure a perfect fit with the template before the fabrication process.



Once the templating is complete, the file is edited to insure accuracy of the final fit and then sent off to a programmer. The digital templates can then be overlaid onto a high resolution photo of the customer’s slab and then manipulated to insure that the most beautiful parts of the stone are being highlighted. Once this layout is approved by the customer the job transitions into production where a combination of the 2 CNC machines fabricates the countertops to the precise measurements of the templates.

Occasionally, A stoneworker needs to complete the final stage of the fabrication process doing some of the more intricate details that the CNCs cannot with handheld grinding and polishing tools

Water jet machine cutting thick stone with curved edges


A typical slab weighs between 200 and 600 pounds, which makes bringing a piece of granite countertop into a house no easy feat. However, Burlington Marble & Granite has experience dealing with slabs as large as 1,200 pounds. Once the slabs are in place, a team of skilled craftsmen will complete the final trimming and fitting. The sink is mounted underneath the new countertop and is permanently attached.

Amazingly, what began as a massive slab of stone in the yard is transformed by Burlington Marble & Granite’s “Art of Stonecrafting” into an expertly installed, stunning countertop.

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