Burlington Marble & Granite’s Burlington-based factory offers a large inventory of the finest stone from around the globe. We also offer an extensive range of natural materials though our alliances with the Northeast’s largest stone slab suppliers, including IGM/International Granite and Marble Corp. and Marble and Granite Inc., among others. We also offer engineered quartzstone material manufactured by CaesarStone USA.

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At Burlington Marble & Granite, we practice the Art of Stonecrafting using an industry-accepted combination of tools and processes. Here is a brief overview of our stonecrafting process.

Burlington Marble & Granite quotes your project based on your initial selection of stone material, your drawings, or a visit to your home or job site, along with other project requirements.

The following information is required for all stone countertop estimates:

Layout drawing of countertop surface, or visit to your home/job site
Edge profile selection
Sink and fixture specifications
Any custom requirements

Once a material is selected and our project estimate is accepted, we will visit your home or job site and will create a project template, which we bring back to our facility and use to cut the stone.

The template is made by cutting sheets of dimensionally stable styrene to match the configuration of the surfaces you want fabricated. This process duplicates your surface configuration, reproduces angles accurately, and shows the sink and other fixture locations. Notations about edge profiles, sink and fixture style, or other job requirements are recorded.

Finally, we often ask that the designer, homeowner, or builder make the sink and fixtures available for us to take back to our facility so that we can ensure a perfect fit.

The template is taken back to our facility, laid on the slab and traced. A laser-sighted bridge saw cuts along the outline. The saw is equipped with a diamond blade that is water cooled to prevent the granite from chipping or cracking.

If needed, strengthening bars of steel are inserted in the back side of surfaces and sealed with epoxy adhesives.

A stone worker uses handheld grinding and polishing tools to complete the countertop by finishing the edges to the configuration you have selected.

Depending on scheduling, it takes between 10 and 14 business days to fabricate the countertop after the template has been made.

Bringing a piece of granite countertop into a house is no easy feat, since a typical slab weighs between 200 and 600 pounds. We have even dealt with slabs of up to 1,000 pounds!

Once the slabs are in place, it takes a team of skilled craftsmen to do the final trimming and fitting. The sink is mounted underneath the new countertop and is permanently attached. Then the backsplash is slipped into place, caulked and sealed.

What began as a massive slab in the yard has now been transformed by our Art of Stonecrafting into a stunning countertop, expertly installed in your home.

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